Who do we teach?


We teach inpatients of statutory school age. We also teach long-stay and recurring pupils younger or older than statutory school age.


Priority is given to long-stay or recurring pupils and those studying for and sitting public exams. 

The length of teaching time individual pupils receive is variable and depends on many factors including:

  • their medical condition, including psychological and surgical factors 

  • their length of stay 

  • any special educational needs, including exam requirements 

  • teacher availability 

We may also teach short-stay pupils, particularly if they have previously been long-stay inpatients and are known to the hospital school. 

Our school offers the opportunity for children and young people to continue their education, enjoy learning and achieve in a warm and friendly environment.

We do not teach:

  • one-off, day-patients

  • out-patients, except long-stay pupils previously on school roll

  • children who are not patients of the GOSH and UCLH Trusts 

The staff and the governing body review the admissions policy annually.

Admissions Policy