Exam Information

If a pupil is admitted during the time that they are due to sit their public exams and is well enough to take them then the hospital school can help. 


Is the hospital school an exam centre?

We are not an exam centre but can act as a host centre for AQA, Edexcel and OCR so that pupils can sit these exams whilst in the hospital.


How is this set up?

We liaise with the pupil’s home school and the exam bodies to set this up.  It can take a few days so it helps to have as much notice as possible.  Once it’s agreed, the exam board will email us the exam paper the morning of the exam and we will arrange a suitable place in which the pupil can sit the exam. 


Who invigilates the exam?

If a pupil’s home school is close to the hospital then we may ask the home school to send an invigilator. If this is not possible, we will arrange an invigilator within our own team. There are strict guidelines for the setting up and invigilating of public exams and a senior member of our team oversees the entire process. 


What happens after the exam? 

We send the paper directly to the marker.  The results will get sent back to the pupil’s home school and not to us. The pupil will receive the result on the annual results day along with their peers.


Are special considerations made for sitting the exam in hospital? 

Pupils who are receiving hospital treatment during the exam period will usually be eligible for special consideration to compensate for their disadvantage.  This could be extra time or extra marks depending on the circumstances.  The homeschool should apply for this automatically but it is worth checking with them to ensure it's done.


What if the child becomes unwell whilst sitting the exam?

Pupils are allowed breaks - any time used for a comfort/toilet/medical treatment break will be added to the end of the time allocated for the exam.