When vacancies arise we aim to advertise via the Times Educational Supplement (TES) online and share the posting on this webpage as well as via our social media channels. Our senior team is trained in safer recruitment for education and we recruit in accordance with our equal opportunities and pay policies.

Please note that we do not accept CVs.

No Current Vacancies 


Working at the Hospital School

We are often asked what qualifications are necessary for working at the hospital school and the answer is that there are no specialist qualifications required for working in a hospital school. However, when recruiting we are looking for excellent teachers with a wide range of experience beyond traditional classroom teaching. Experience in some of the following areas will help if you are interested in working within hospital education: 

  • Teaching 1:1 or small groups 
  • Delivering specific interventions for pupils with learning needs
  • Supporting pupils with special educational needs or disabilities
  • Awareness of mental health issues and how they present in children 
  • Bespoke curriculum design
  • Cross-curricular projects
  • Mixed-age group teaching
  • Edtech - latest developments in technology to enhance learning
  • Online teaching
  • Mentoring or other pastoral support

Teacher Training Placements

Due to Covid restrictions within the hospital we are currently unable to offer placements to trainee teachers. 

Work Experience

Due to the sensitive nature of our setting we are unable to offer work experience placements.