The process of reintegrating pupils back into their schools after they have been discharged is an integral part of what the hospital school does.

We believe that children, parents and school should all be supported during this process.

We deliver this support for long-stay patients by:

  • Liaising with schools and/or the Local Authority (LA) to inform of a pupil's discharge from the hospital

  • Providing the school with strategies to support the reintegration of a pupil

  • In appropriate cases, providing schools and parents with information on the work completed by the pupil whilst in hospital

  • Liaising with LAs, schools and parents to put home tutoring in place for pupil's who cannot immediately return to school

  • Discussing pupil's hopes and fears for their return to school before they leave the hospital

For patients with recurring admissions we keep in touch with them, the family and the home school, ensuring that all parties are aware of their progress. We also support pupils’ welfare by monitoring ongoing educational issues such as school attendance.