AV1 Robot Programme

The AV1 telepresence robot is both a social and educational tool that allows pupils who are unable to physically attend school the opportunity to engage in school life and maintain contact with their teachers and peers.

The AV1 robot is loaned to the home school and, due to its easy portability, can be placed at the child’s desk in a classroom or even moved to a chair in the school hall for a special event. Pupils are then able to securely log in and livestream to it, via an app on their tablet (provided by GOSH). This app comes inbuilt with multiple privacy and safeguarding features. 

Privacy and safeguarding factsheet

The AV1 robot sits in the classroom acting as the eyes, ears and voice of the pupil at home or in hospital, allowing them to remain engaged with their learning and school life. Importantly, it is not necessary for the child to appear on camera themselves. You can see the AV1 in action here:

Find out more from the No Isolation Website, including case studies and research. You can read a recent impact report here: Impact report 

For pupils on roll at the hospital school facing a long period of time away from their home school, we can offer an AV1 robot to help them maintain continuity and access to their home school. For more information, please complete the form here.