Guide for home schools



We believe that working closely with teachers from a child’s home school is essential for supporting a child to maintain an interest in learning whilst in hospital and for preparing them to return to full-time school post-discharge. 

Here are some things you can do to help: 


Share plans 

This could be with parents and carers or, ideally, with the child’s key teacher at the hospital school. If the admission is likely to be longer than a week, it really helps us to know what subject content is being missed at the home school. For primary pupils, an overview of topics for a term is a good starting point. For secondary pupils, knowing which texts are being covered in English and which topics for Maths and Science and then any other exam priorities. Sometimes, if a pupil is feeling well and able to complete a good amount of work, details of specific tasks and projects may be relevant. 


Share attainment information

A pupil is likely not to be achieving their best when in hospital and we tailor our offer to the needs of the child as they present to us when we meet them. However, knowing details of their prior attainment is very important, as is future predicted grades for secondary pupils. Attendance information is also very important - this gives us an idea of how much school may have missed in the lead up to the hospital admissions and what gaps we might find.


Share information on SEN support

Please let us know if a pupil we are working with receives support in school for any special educational need or disability and what that support looks like. Details of any interventions or other targeted support is also important. If the pupil is in the process of being assessed for a possible learning need, please let us know. 


Keep in touch

It can be very motivating for children to hear from their class teachers and classmates. Sometimes we will send you copies of pieces of pieces of work the pupil has completed with us - if you can respond this is really encouraging for the child. If a child has completed a piece of work set by you, we will try to return it to your for marking. Continuity is more easily achieved if we can stay in regular contact. 


Help your class hold the pupil in mind

It is important for reintegration post-discharge that the class keeps in mind the pupil who is in hospital. You might do this by sharing with them any work or photos we send to you. You might also want to ask the class to record or write messages. This really helps the pupil in hospital maintain good emotional wellbeing and feel less daunted about returning to school. 


Ask us for help

If you have any questions whatsoever about the pupil’s learning, please just ask! You may want to know how a child is progressing academically and socially so that you can begin re-integration plans, secondary transition planning or start considering post-16 options for example. We can also contribute to EHCP reviews and help set appropriate targets and we can make recommendations for GCSE or A-level options.